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Why Parasailing Should Be Your Next Summer Adventure

The summer season is quickly approaching, and there are so many exciting things to do. With the new season comes fresh adventures and new opportunities. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience this summer, parasailing should be your next adventure. Whether you're going with your significant other, your closest friends, or even just as a solo venture, what's better than soaring through the sky? Imagine the breathtaking views, the beautiful water, and the feeling of flying through the air! Here are some reasons why parasailing should be your next summer adventure.

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is a water sport that was originally developed in the 1960s by a Frenchman. One or multiple people are towed through the air behind a boat while attached to a parachute-like device called a parasail, which catches the wind like a kite and lifts the participants into the air. The parasailers are attached to the parasail via a harness, and the parasail, in turn, is connected to the anchor vessel by a tow rope. Traditionally, parasailing involves either one or two parasailers, but three can also be accommodated.

Why Parasailing Should Be Your Next Summer Adventure

Parasailing is a popular activity in the Okanagan. This typical tourist activity is often overlooked but offers a similar thrilling experience to zip-lining or going on a hike to see the mountain peaks and valleys of the Okanagan. It’s worth considering if you want to try something new. Parasailing will be the highlight of your summer!

The thrill of parasailing is what makes it so popular among visitors and locals alike. You get the sensation of being lifted up into the sky by a large parachute and then floating back down to earth just as gently as when you took off. All within the comfort and safety of a harness from the landing platform on the rear deck of the boat. A far cry from those who remember the old beach take-offs and landings.

Another reason why parasailing is worth considering this summer it’s a great local activity that’s not overly expensive. Pricing starts around $85 per person and is the best deal in Kelowna and Penticton. Make sure you do your research and go with a reputable company as some companies charge more per person and rides can be shorter. It's an affordable way to have an exciting experience without having to spend as much as sky-diving or paragliding.

Lastly, parasails are a great team building activity for groups since they offer opportunities for groups of up to ten people per hour and everyone can participate in either a tandem, triple or solo flight. It's also a great date idea - a nice romantic alternative to dinner and a movie!

When to Plan your Flight

If you're considering parasailing as your next summer adventure, you should make a reservation as soon as possible and towards the start of your vacation. This ensures that there is room for rescheduling if the weather is less than ideal. Also, it’s not as busy during a weekday or in the morning when the weather is calmer so the conditions could be almost perfect for views of the lake. The best time to book is during the summer months but as early as May and into early September.

What To Expect on Your Parasailing Experience

It’s recommended to wear something that you don’t mind getting wet in. Ask the captain whether you would like to get dipped in the water towards the end of your flight, if weather conditions permit, the captain can dip you anywhere from your toes to your nose.

Want to have your memories captured on camera? Photo packages are available for your flight including a handheld selfie GoPro camera with pole, or professional photos taken from the boat. You’ll leave with an SD card in your hand, and the memories to last a lifetime. We don’t recommend taking your phone with you as it’s hard to hold onto and may drop from a height into the water.

Parasailing is an exhilarating summer activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. There are many factors that play into a parasailing experience, so it is important to find the right operator and plan your trip well.

If you want to learn more, check out the Top 10 Parasailing Tips for First Timers.

Or if you're ready to book visit Okanagan Parasail for the best parasailing experience in Kelowna.


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