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Best Food to Grill This Summer on our BBQ Boats

When it comes to having an amazing time on during your BBQ Boat rental, there’s nothing better than juicy grilled food when you’re out on the water. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large group, grilling is one of the best ways to enjoy delicious food and spend time with your friends or family. But what are the best foods to grill on a boat? Fortunately for you, we have some answers! Check out these great tips on everything from how to stop your food from falling through the grates, to what meats works best for grilling in small spaces.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs are a summertime must-have. These classic meat options are always welcome at a lakeside picnic or barbecue. Hamburgers and hot dogs are relatively easy to grill, even on a boat. Here are some tips for a unique Summer BBQ Hot Dog and Burger Charcuterie Board.

Make A Steak

Grilled steak is one of the most luxurious summertime meals out there. It’s a great choice if you pair it with grilled veggies and potatoes too! The Stay at Home Chef has a great lesson on How To Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time.


Whether its steak, chicken, shrimp or veggies, kabobs are the most versatile barbecue option and easiest to grill! They’re good for a crowd and are great for a hand-held portable picnic-on-the-lake option. With endless variations and flavours to choose from we think it may be valuable to know 5 Common Mistakes We've All Made When Grilling Kebabs.


When grilling fish on a barbecue, it’s important to choose the right kind. There are many types of fish that can be grilled, but not all are suitable for barbecue grilling. For best results, look for fillets that are firm and have the skin on like salmon. Here are the best tips you can follow to make sure your fish doesn’t fall through the cracks of the grill and 5 Grilling Techniques to Keep Your Salmon from Sticking. Enjoy!

Or The Easiest Of All: Our Catering Option!

If you’re just not keen or preparing your own food or are visiting from out-of-town, the best option may be to order from our awesome catering partner TJ's Grazing. She makes a variety of packs for our rentals including anything from grazing boxes to our bbq packs. Take a look at the menu and prepare to salivate!

Making delicious food is one of the best parts of grilling. Now that you know what to bring on a boat, you can focus on making and enjoying these delicious dishes. Whether you’re cooking for a large group or for just a few friends, grilling on a BBQ Boat is the most unique way to spend a summer afternoon in Kelowna.


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