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8 Corporate Team Building Ideas In The Okanagan That Are Actually Fun

Team building is essential in any corporate setting yet we’ve become so reliant on virtual interaction since the pandemic hit, that teams are longing to come together for some in-person socialisation and a collective sense of accomplishment.

In fact, having a close friend at work is thought to boost team commitment by up to 50%. It’s also been found that 85% of failures in the workplace are a result of ineffective communication. The brilliant minds of any team work better with collaboration!

Whether it’s a weekly meeting, a quarterly business review or end-of-year celebrations, there’s always a worthy reason your team to venture outside of the same four walls. However, beyond the obligatory team get-together, how do you make the occasion memorable? We’ve come up with some more fun and unique activities for your team’s outing this year.

Plan a Food Truck Day

When you’re craving a burger but can’t be bothered to head over to your nearby restaurant, why not gather some of your colleagues for a food-tastic field day? While you may have to work around the usual lunch hour, why not bring a food truck to you! After all, you may be able to invite your whole office.

Check out the Street Food App website for the top food trucks in Kelowna and their daily hours and locations. You can even hire a food truck for any occasion as well. Your colleagues will thank you for their full bellies and some quality socialising.

Captain your own BBQ Boat

If you’ve got a waterfront office, then you’re probably already aware of the benefits of enjoying one another’s company on or near the water. But to really mix things up you could rent a round electric BBQ boat and spend a couple of hours on the water with a group of 10 of your colleagues for lunch or an after work get-together. Maeg’s BBQ Boats combines the unique experience of barbecuing and enjoying the slow-paced float along Kelowna’s downtown waterfront and Okanagan Lake. Not only is it a unique way to host a meeting but your team can come together in a relaxed and fun way and enjoy the summer outdoors.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

While some team building exercises can get a bit intense, a scavenger hunt is a great way to break the ice with your colleagues. This is especially useful if you’re unsure how your team members communicate with one another. You can use a digital tool like the Trello app to create a list of clues and items. The tasks on the list could include things like finding items from around the office, taking photos with certain items in them, or solving puzzles that lead them to find clues about where the next task is located. If you’re looking to inspire creativity, teamwork and take your workplace off the beaten path, a scavenger hunt is a great idea.

Host a Karaoke Night

If your team is looking for a way to break out of their shells and have some laughs, then karaoke nights could be just what you’re looking for. This hilarious team-building event encourages confidence, positive competition and allows everyone to let their guard down and shrug off their professional work attitudes for a while. O’Flannigan’s pub in downtown Kelowna hosts karaoke every Monday night.

Organize a Paint Night

Team paint nights are a brilliant way for employees to learn together and inspire creativity (even if not everyone considers themselves an artist). There are countless Paint and Sip or Paint Night events across the Okanagan from wineries to local pubs that host these activities lead by friendly and encouraging instructors. There are bound to be several first-time painters in your group who are a little overwhelmed at the thought of producing art. But these classes are meant for everyone to enjoy and painting together evokes a sense of pride and accomplishment in having completed a creative piece of art and allows each team member to take home a tangible memento of their time together. You can also gather everyone’s masterpieces and display them in the common area of the office afterwards.

Zipline With Your Team

Another fun way to gather your work colleagues outdoors this season would be to go ziplining. Challenge your team members to race down the lines at Oyama Zipline in Lake Country and participate in endless fun as you watch your co-workers fly through the sky. Helping one another out and encouraging your teammates as they climb higher than they ever thought they could! Not only will your team break a sweat and get their blood pumping but spending time in the great outdoors will also help let off some steam and relieve any team tension. Win-win!

Plan a Board Game Night

If your team likes to unwind after a long day with some board games, then there’s no better team building activity than hosting a board game-inspired team event. Whether it’s snakes and ladders or an intense game of Catan, it’s a fun way to interact socially and improve group dynamics. Kelowna’s own Twice the Dice Board Game Cafe offers 1000s of board games in a casual and friendly atmosphere. No matter which game you choose, getting together for this fun activity breaks down barriers quickly and you and your teammates have a chance to bond outside the office.

Parasailing for the Day

If your team loves adrenaline, soar to new heights with your co-workers whilst parasailing in the Okanagan! Parasailing can be a great team building activity because you’ll ride either tandem or triple with one of your team and experience the thrill of flying high above Kelowna with views that inspire. This activity will certainly achieve a real buzz with the team by helping to overcome fears and create great memories that will last a lifetime. Book your team’s parasail adventure with Okanagan Parasail for the best deal in Kelowna.

When it comes to team building exercises, there are so many options available. The key is to choose an activity that challenges your team and gets them out of their comfort zones. With this in mind, you’re sure to find the most effective corporate team building ideas on this list.


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