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Asus has been doubling down on its Chromebook lineup in India to cater to the needs of students during the ongoing pandemic. They have now released a series of Chromebooks in the lower-end segment, including the new Asus Chromebook CX1101, […]


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Developed by Hashbane Interactive, many regard this title as the spiritual successor to Dino Crisis, the 2003 survival horror featuring dinosaur and monster outbreaks in an island laboratory. Just like Dino Crisis, Instinction is described as “a dinosaur survival game with modern mechanics and a compelling story.” Players fill in the shoes of a crew member and can choose between going single-player or multiplayer.

Most exciting TVs in 2022 | LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Hisense


If you're finally ready to make the commitment and upgrade to the PS5, then here's your chance.

Elden Ring is a role-playing game and possibly the most hyped game announcement of the year. Written collaboratively by Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin, the game is scheduled to release this February.

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This is one of those games that you show your non-PS5 friends to show off your console: what was pretty on PS4 is absolutely stunning in its PS5 incarnation. You play a Samurai, battling to protect Tsushima Island during the Mongol invasion of feudal Japan. It’s an incredible achievement both artistically and technically and one of the most interesting PS5 games you’ll play.

One of the best FPS titles on any platform


Publisher, Developer – Sega, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

The PS5 version might be the pick of the pair, with the game making full use of the DualSense’s haptics and adaptive triggers. You race on lots of different terrain in the game, each changing up the vibrations you feel in your hands. Like a lot of the first wave of games that have embraced the new PlayStation pad, the difference is subtle until you go back to regular rumble.

The new PS5 console has a stunning selection of Playstation 5 games. With incredible graphics featuring the use of ray tracing; where individual rays of light are simulated to achieve true-to-life shadows and reflections for life-like realism like you've never seen before. Transport yourself in to any virtual world with high definition graphics and beautifully smooth gameplay. Whether you love the competitive rush of sports, mythical quests or fantasy and warfare; you'll be able to immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience like no other.

There’s no dearth of truly wireless earphones (TWS earphones) in the market, with options like the Nothing Ear 1 (watch our review), Realme Buds Q2, and others offering plenty of options to potential buyers. However, in the flagship segment, there […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Treaych's 2022 reboot of the Black Ops series akin to what Modern Warfare (2019) did for the Modern Warfare series. Cold War is a boots-on-the-ground Call of Duty set primarily during the 1980s.

Cosmic Byte Blazar Wired Gaming Headphone with Mic (Black/Blue)

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You may be displayed different offers, which depends on your device or country you are in at the moment. As soon as you are done with the verification, your unique PlayStation code will be automatically displayed. Feel free to redeem it right away.

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While the experience is admittedly rough around the edges, Kena: Bridge of Spirit’s greatest asset is its heart. The warm smile that washes over Kena’s face as she gently greets the adorable creatures of the forest carries the weight of a mountain. Corruption robs the world of its tender hue, and as the player watches its color slowly return, a powerful fulfillment washes over them. The world’s dwindling state tells a story; the history of the people who lived here, how their lives were taken from them, and the ways in which there’s still beauty to be found in the destruction.

“Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart“ is a technical showpiece for the PlayStation 5, demonstrating what a modern game can look like in native 4K. The action game is the latest entry in the long-running “Ratchet & Clank” series, one of the few third-person shooters that’s appropriate for most players. The game’s main hook is jumping through different dimensions to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. Yes, there are guns, but they’re more cartoon-y than realistic. Likewise, the enemies are robots and aliens rather than humans.

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2. Go to PlayStation®Store on your console or via our website.

You’ll get much more value out of the PlayStation Plus 12-month membership (as much as 50% through Sony and even more – like 69% – using a discount code at Eneba and CDKeys vs 1 month). The $9.99 a month 1-month PS Plus option (it adds up to $120 per year) just isn’t worth it when PS Plus 12-month is $40 and lasts 12 times as long as one month of PlayStation Plus at MSRP.

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In my preview piece for Elden Ring, I called the game “aimless.” I felt underwhelmed and boldly stated that it “occasionally echoes the vacantness seen in other open-world titles.” This claim, which was made after seven hours of play time, is no longer representative of how I feel after 70 hours with the game, but that feeling isn't gone entirely.

The reason: Not because Sony wants to be price, but because Microsoft is doing this with anyone who upgrades from Xbox Live to Xbox Game Pass. It’s just $1 for three months, which is an unbeatable workaround to getting Game Pass. Microsoft took care of its gamers, and Sony will have to do the same.

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It allows you to play online games and have access to the PlayStation store.

On March 4, 'Gran Turismo 7' is the 8th game in the 'Gran Turismo' franchise was released. Race on new courses and terrains, while enjoying accurate replicas of various different car models.

Marvel’s next gaming project, Midnight Suns, is a tactical RPG which will feature a considerable amount of familiar comic book characters, such as the Avengers and X-Men apart from the Midnight Sons.

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Giant Squid managed to create something simultaneously breathtaking and beautiful with The Pathless, a third-person action-adventure where players control the Hunter, tasked with lifting the curse on a massive island. The Hunter is a master archer who must use her talents as well as her pointed bow and arrow skills in a bid to navigate the land while searching for a way to bring peace back to the world. Players must keep an eye on her dash meter and keep it refilled by shooting at talismans found throughout the world. Her eagle companion can carry her short distances as well, which occasionally helps her to explore new areas.

Control was pretty great on PS4, but it’s astonishing in its PS5 incarnation. The Ultimate Edition’s ray-traced graphics make it even more beautiful to look at than the original, and as it includes both DLCs it’s also longer lasting. In many respects it feels like the game it should have been: the PS4 release was plagued with performance issues, but you can play the PS5 in Performance Mode at 1440p at 60 frames per second.

No. Some games will not require a subscription. Some will. For example, you don’t need a subscription to PlayStation Plus to play Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 or PS5.

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Some fans have pointed out that MLB: The Show 22 launches on the same day as the PS Plus update, leading to speculation that it could join the line-up. While this seems unlikely, a previous game in the series has been featured on PS Plus, so you never know.

Considering Bethesda's Todd Howard's comments on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2018, it's likely both games will be on PS5. Other games that have been teased or announced with no release date are also likely to be in development on next gen consoles, like From Software's Elden Ring.

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Which PlayStation 5 games are coming soon to shelves around the world?

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The whole process is as easy as ABC but the only caveat is that you must be in the United States in other to enjoy the program. Once you have enough points earned, you can easily exchange or redeem it for anything in the Sony Rewards store. From physical PlayStation hardware to digital games, PS Plus membership and most importantly PSN codes.

The registered country in the Playstation Network must be Germany.

With the plus memberships, you have the capacity to automatically download and install game patch files to your console. The entire process is simplified and can be set to commence automatically without any prompting. The automation that comes as a part of the membership truly improves the overall experience of playing online.

With Horizon Zero Dawn, developer Guerilla Games proved it could do more than just pump out boring Killzone sequels. Horizon Forbidden West, the next-gen sequel, takes us back to this fascinating sci-fi world where human tribes live alongside robot dinosaurs. Explore the lush environment with revamped movement mechanics, and take out foes with a variety of combat options. If you wanted more Horizon, but with a bigger scope and better gameplay, this is it.

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Sackboy must journey to stop the evil Vex from terrorizing the lovely people of Craftworld. To do this, you must complete five different planets, navigating a variety of levels in between. Each area includes thematically unique levels to complete, in the vein of titles like Super Mario Odyssey or modern Crash Bandicoot games. With plenty of collectibles to hoover up, the combination of music and exploration, and Sackboy's various costumes to uncover, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an amalgam of everything we loved about LittleBigPlanet and more.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Housemarque

A PlayStation network card (or PSN card) is essentially a PlayStation Store card. Available in a range of denominations, it’s digital cash for purchases and rentals on Sony’s PlayStation Network. You can buy and download the latest PS3 games and PS4 games, access retro games, rent movies, stream music and even use PSN cards to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership.

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PS Plus November news (Image: SONY)

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